Military Boom
Military Boom is an internet-shop for providing special military equipment such as army shoes, camouflage, bags, military and tactical clothing for your outdoor and military needs.
Larum Lab
Larum Lab is an internetional service-provider which offers software as a service - corporate websites, e-shops, content managment systems to fulfill all your needs in the growing IT World.
AMP Group
AMP Group is the telecomunication service provider with location in Moscow, Russia with a big experience in the construction of communication facilities.
Camp Bakota
Children's Sports camp health treatment, the purpose of which is to ensure the resort recreational services for children. The site has photographs, newswire, visitors pages.
Restaurant Big-Oren
Restaurant Big-Oren is a cozy restaurant not only for your leisure and relaxation, but also for celebrating holidays, be it a family holiday, meeting with friends or corporate evening. The site has photos of the restaurant.
Cookery & Baking
Branch "Cookery" includes shopping complex catering, which includes: Cafe open for 60 seats, disco-bar for 40 seats, magazine cooking
Gamers Date Inc.
Social network is used for communicating and gaming, for messaging photos and screenshots. In the system there is the possibility of electronic payments PayPal, user profiles, roles, gallery, forum, searching.You can search and communicate with other gamers, discuss games, add and discuss added screenshots, have forum conversations.
The company specializes in sales, installation, and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning in the rooms of various purposes: office, apartments, shops, shopping centers, industrial and warehouse buildings.
Media Center Krajany
Media Center Krajany - center of advertising, media and publishing includes the following services: advertising and informational support of any regional projects in the means of mass information, advertising and PR materials in print, media planning, organization and implementation of comprehensive advertising and PR activities, BTL-actions.
Oren International
Limited Liability Oren International is a company whose main activity is wholesale trade. Key areas of its business are: wholesale trade, retail trade (branches and subsidiaries of businesses), catering, foreign trade, manufacturing pasta and sunflower oil.
Design-Studio Retro
The primary activity is manufacturing fabric products, which are competitive on the market and have available price for the mass consumer. The site contains photographs, models, services offered by the company and the latest information.
Salon Skoda
Site of the Salon Skoda official regional representation. The developed modules allow you to select the desired model to change its wheels, rotate it, to paint in the color you like. A booklet for regular customers allows you to be informed about the range of the new products.
Triathlon Federation
Triathlon is the Olympic kind of sport that includes three elements: swimming, cycling and running. The site is made for communication of athletes, in order to obtain news for advancing triathlon among youth.