Diagnosis System
The aim is to improve diagnostics of specialized computer systems through the development of software models and distributed agent diagnostic method that provides greater amounts of processing diagnostic information in real time due to distribution problems and phases between diagnostic agents. Realized agent acts, building a knowledge base, the survey of external sensors in order to obtain diagnostic information.
Regional Hospital
The program is made for the account of the stationary patients in hospital. The account of the patients is completely automated. The program has all data of the patient, relatives, previous receipts and diagnoses. There are 23 directories where the data are brought in: illnesses, region, and personal data. There are two additional modules  module of statistics and module of search that simplifies process of control both of the separate patient, and of hospital in whole.
My Business
The specialized program for the people engaged in the purchase, sale, transportation of the goods, products etc. The program has many opportunities, among which are: dot structure of business, movement of the goods, system of the payments, and operation with balance. Dot structure of business divides all business on points (booths, warehouses, shops), in which there are goods, products, cash department, where payments are made. Such approach is flexible, scaled, and intuitively clear. The user has an opportunity to receive the complete information for any day on the given point or on several points in the sum.
Measurement System
Hardware and software applications receive data through external temperature sensors from specialized computer components as objects for detailed diagnostic descriptions of hardware and software through their representation in the integrated diagnostics model that enabled them to take into account performance during the diagnostics. Implemented work on a protocol 1-wire, connect intelligent temperature sensors work with a network MicroLAN.
Purse: own finances
The appendix for personal use allows automating the account of the personal finance. The personal finance is divided into 4 flows: profit, expenses, entering, and removal. Each flow is characterized by the name, classification and sum, and also by additional information. For example, the following information can be entered at input in expenses of the bookkeeper salary: the name - the bookkeeper salary, classification - salary, sum - 1000, by whom is made - my assistant.
Personal Reminder
The appendix for personal use contains: reminder, address book, purpose / purposes, organizer. Reminder is used as a reminder on the certain events, which can be birthdays, holidays, weekly or monthly events etc. The event reminder can be annual, monthly, weekly, daily. The system of a reminder is loaded automatically when loading the computer. The events which have taken place recently, occur now and will take place in the nearest future are displayed at the reminder.
Sewing Company
The program allows keeping account of the goods and account of final production, which is let out by the sewing company. In system there can be a set of warehouses with a material, and shops on selling ready production. It is possible to carry out transfer of materials and goods of ready production between objects, which are warehouses and shops. The system of ready production selling is used, where each shop has cash department with the certain sum of money. The sum varies depending on sale or transfer of ready production. The sum also varies at entering or removal of cash money.
Decision System
The program is intended for diagnostics of decision support systems (DSS) and microprocessor devices. It aims to help people who make decisions in difficult circumstances for a full and objective analysis of the substantive work. DSS resulted from the fusion of management information systems and database management systems. For the analysis and proposals different methods are used in the DSS workings: the methods of troubleshooting, analysis of the ways of eliminating, the creation of a knowledge base.
Taxi Service
The program is written as the specialized appendix for a taxi service and completely automates work of the service dispatcher. The built-in directory of streets allows the operator to enter a necessary street all for pressing of 2-3 keys. In the program there are some databases: the orders, drivers, subscribers, payments. The database of the orders contains all orders for taxi. There is a flexible system of search for the orders, which allows finding the order by date, time, subscriber, driver, the "hot" information about the driver given to the dispatcher etc.
Term Generator
The program is designed to generate terms for the vector model. Vector model is a collection of vectors from a common to the entire collection of vector spaces in information processing and documents presentation. Document in the vector model is considered as an unordered set of terms. The terms in information processing are words, which comprise the text.